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Title: White Poem I
Rating: 18
Fandom: X- Japan
Pairing: Sugizo x Yoshiki
Genre: Poetry, smut
Warnings: Oral, slight bondage

Sugizo is watching Yoshikis performance of White Poem while a concert.
Watch this before reading:

(I know, this happened while the Dahlia tour, but the fic is set in 2010^^)

And listen to this while reading^^:


He was watching everything on the small TV screen in Yoshikis personal wardrobe.
They were beating him up, hitting him to the ground and treating him like some whore that wasn´t able to defend and that for more than five minutes now. Yoshiki let them do everything without any sign of objection, we was rather enjoying it. Sugizo was able to see it by those little smiles that scurried over his face and surely by his extremely tight latex pants. He whispered and hissed into his microphone while being blindfolded and handcuffed for everyone to see. Exactly the way he loved it, exactly the way he loved everything: being the centre of attention with everyone´s eyes on him and his captivating beauty. Sugizo silently shooked his head when Yoshiki sprawled on the ground and let two of the bitches kiss each other directly beside his head. One of those gasps again, when they let their hands stroke over his sweaty chest while kissing. The fans were screaming his name again and again, adrenalizing Yoshiki even more. Toshis voice sounded trough the hall in turn with the susurrated verse of Yoshiki. The bass was pulsing to everything, together with the final guitar riffs that slowly faded now. The woman carried Yoshikis immobile body to the middle of the stage, the last words were spoken and everything went dark. A enormous wave of shouting and clapping followed, before it was finally over.
Sugizo stood up from his chair and disconnected the TV screen. Afterwards he sit back again and starred into the air. In a few seconds Yoshiki should walk in again.
Directly after thinking about his arrival, he heard voices in the corridor. A few seconds later the door was opened and Yoshiki appeard. He noticed Sugizo with a weird and surprised look.
“Are you still in here?”
Sugizo didn´t answered first but watched Yoshiki removing the head set.
“You were enjoing it?”
Yoshikis cheeks went red.
“Why are you asking that stuff?”
“Because I think you enjoyed it very much...”
“That´s not your matter, is it? It was just a goddamn performace.”
„Yeah and I think the performance...worked.”
“Shut your fucking mouth.”
“I didn´t know you like those things that way...”
“I don´t.”
“Well, I think you definitely do.”
“I said fuck you.”
“You didn´t.”
“Then I´m fucking doing it now!”
Yoshiki passed him and put down his black blindfold and bonds. He took a half filled water bottle and let it´s content splash over his head and face, so that is more or less slowly flowed up his chest. Sugizo was watching him.
He looked exhausted and absent. Sugizo noticed him shivering slightly by the coldness of the fluid running down his body, what made him seem to be vulnerable and fragile, just like being glasscaged. He had closed his eyes, while touching his wet hair, a silent sigh leaving his lips.
The impression of vulnerability intensified with his tremulous breath. A sudden sensation of wanting to embrace him blasted into Sugizos mind, what was admittedly replaced by a overwhelming desire for cracking his imaginary glass cage. He just wanted to touch the fragileness of his figure to try out if it would withstand the rough contact. He stood up, not being able to hold back, and took a few steps forward, until he was directly standing in front of the other man.
Yoshiki opened his eyes and watched him sceptically trough his beautifully rouged eyes.
“What are you about to do?”
Sugizo didn´t answered, but let his index finger stroke over Yoshikis shoulder. It felt surprisingly velvet. He let some of Yoshikis light strands of hair slide trough his wirily fingers, suddenly grabbing them hard and pulling his head backwards out of some intoxicating impulse, so that Yoshiki hissed in pain, while closing his eyes again. When Sugizo fitfully pulled again, even harder than before, Yoshiki moaned quietly. He was looking down in his grimacing face and a wave of transcendency appeared for a short moment.
“You do like it...being treated that way...”
“Fuck you...”
Angrily, but weakly whispered.
“What did you say, bitch?”
He pulled his hair that hard that Yoshikis back of his head nearly touched his neck.
“Fuck you...”
Sugizo just smiled, being fulfilled with adrenaline pulsing trough his veins.
He could clearly hear his speeding heartbeat in his own chest, as he catched the blindfold and bonds from the table near him without really thinking about it.
By letting go of Yoshikis hair he abrasively accroached his body to handcuff his wrist and pulling the dark blindfold over his eyes again. Then he pushed him away with such strength that Yoshiki staggered backwards and nearly felt down.
He hadn´t defense yet and Sugizo knew that he wouldn´t complain at all, because he seemed to be already in such a high state of arousal that his body wasn´t capable to struggle anymore.
Yoshiki was standing there now in the middle of the room, his cuffed hands stretched in the air and his hip slightly meshed forward; just exactly as he had been standing there on stage.
Sugizo was kneeling in front of him now, letting his hands stroke over Yoshikis still wet stomach trying to imitate the situation of the performance as exactly as possible.
Yoshiki´s heavy breath made him shiver.
He scratched over the skin with his long sharp nails as he pushed Yoshiki against the wall behind him with vehemence.
Yoshiki moaned again and leaned in so that Sugizos nails scratched even deeper than he had wanted them to.
Sugizo had never heard Yoshiki moan before. Altough they knew each other for such a long time, this was a side of him he didn´t know and he´d never really think about. But now he was experiencing exactly this side and it was absolutely sexy.
He stood up, grabbed Yoshiki´s chin and hold it tight between two fingers, before he let them glide under the black latex of Yoshikis collar that lied against his skin closely, to impose pressure to his larynx. The sudden complicacy to breath was heightened by Sugizos left leg he pressed into Yoshikis crotch. Yoshiki twitched a bit and made a whining noise while trying to catch more air.
Sugizo let his leg circle in a slow rhythm, feeling that Yoshiki was even harder than he had been when leaving the stage.
“It hurts, I am right?”
Yoshikis voice sounded faintly and fearful, but still a little angry, even though he couldn´t breath very well.
His ears blushed out of embarrassment, but he did nothing than just bit his lower lip to stand the pain and leaning his hands against the wall above his head. Unresisting, helpless and desperate- the result of the woman´s work, Sugizo would complete. He let his lips tenderly slide over Yoshikis throat, licking about his own fingers there, before he removed them. A pure feeling of might rushed trough him when the other one inhaled abruptly, so that he felt like controlling everything of Yoshiki, as if he would capture him. He touched his wrists, feeling the other one´s pulse rapidly and warmly pulsing against his fingertip; the proof of being alive, a constant rhythm like music that timelessly flows. It was a natural process, but a dark secret of unreachable power at the same time. Sugizo tugged Yoshiki forward, just to push him away again and he made a noise out of suffering and pleasure. His body shaked and he nearly moaned in anger, when Sugizo did nothing than starring at him, what he wasn´t able too see trough his blindfold. When Sugizos hand touched his belt, his arms hit the wall, when he jumped backwards out of surprise.
Sugizo pressed the palm of his hand to Yoshikis mouth, muffeling every word that could have followed. His other hand opened the belt, while he felt the softness of Yoshikis lips against his fingers. When he had removed the zipper too, he kneeled down again, freed Yoshikis mouth and let his tongue lick over Yoshikis whole length.Yoshiki shivered again and breathed loudly trough his nose with closed lips. Sugizo was sucking hardly on him in a rapid rhythm now, what made Yoshiki moan unregulatedly for several times.
Sugizo listened to him and felt a goose bump running down his arms and spine.
He stopped for a moment to speak.
“Don´t you want to recite your little poem again?”
Yoshiki shook his head and forced his hip forward as if pleasing Sugizo to go on sucking him.
“Oh well, but I think you want to.”
Yoshiki shook his head again, but quit the movement when Sugizo pressed his nail into his thigh, without caring how much it hurts.
His breath rushed until he had to give up fighting against Sugizos will.
The first shaky word left Yoshikis mouth with hestitation. Sugizo continued.
He interrupted himself with a hiss.
Sugizo sucked even harder, letting his hands stroke over Yoshikis stomach, down his hip.
The last vowel merged into a groan, emphasizing the despair.
“I feel so...blue...in...”
Sugizo scratched over his chest in an entire containing manner.
“this white poem...”
Yoshiki forgot about everything than Sugizos tongue swirgling around him. He even forgot about Sugizo, by not being able to see anything or to move his hands, he was just able to jerk his hip forward in a attempt to intensify the intoxicating sensation.
The words were leaving his mouth without being consciously spoken.
“Love will...find the way...”
Sugizo could feel the words. They weren´t just said, they were expressing everything of Yoshiki.
“Do you...still believe...that?”
This was the real poem.
This were the real words and not the fake construction of it that he created every time on stage.
Sugizo slowly began to believe that he could understand it.
The way Yoshiki was devoting to his touch, the way he willingly subordinated to be completely lost of his own will, completely controlled by some one else without knowing if this one would let him fall. He was moving smoothly but filthy.
Yoshiki wasn´t really able to speak anymore, he sounded like he´d began to cry, but when Sugizo stopped treating him that rough, Yoshiki was pressing desperately against his fingers to bring him to scratch him again and press him remorselessly against the wall again.
“While I´m away...”
He began to repeat this verse again and again adapting to Sugizos rhythm.
“While I´m away...while I´m... away...”
Sugizo hit his hip violently backwards every time Yoshiki tried to thrust into his mouth.
“I´m away...I´m away...”
It was a raising up to the final climax.
“I´m away...I´m away...”
It echoed in Sugizos head. Being away. Somewhere between the gates of life and death.
“I´m away, I´m away, I´m away...”
Finally Yoshikis stomach began to tense, his breath accomplished to fasten even more. Sugizo had to press his hip to the wall uniterrupted.
The final words began to build in Yoshikis head.
“Read this...”
He wasn´t able to complete the sentence, when Sugizo pressed his nails into his leg once again and bridged the last few seconds with it, so that Yoshiki couldn´t hold back anymore.
This was the end.
Sugizo felt hot waves of liquid being pumped down his throat.
Yoshiki just panted hard for a single time and nearly loosed his consciousness, until it was over.
“Read this line again.”
This was the real poem. Breathlessly and weakly spoken, before he collapsed forward, falling into Sugizos arms, what nearly crushed them both to the ground.
Sugizo was curling his arms around Yoshikis weak body, holding him in a tight embrace.
He wouldn´t let him fall.


I love this XD It's so hot.
Thank you :3 I am glad you like it!!! <3